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Building an Engaged Advocacy Network for Industry Issues

The Challenge

A Fortune 50 company came to GP3 Partners with an ask to help build a nationwide database for enthusiastic fans of their industry, workers and retirees, and others involved in the supply chain.

They knew they had plenty of fans scattered all over the country, but no central advocacy hub where they could keep them engaged and ready to take action on issues that mattered to the company.

The Strategy

With an identified audience this big, it was important to cut it into many tiny pieces.

  • 9First, we segmented by interest, political geography, demographics – you name it.
  • 9Then we built out three separate, tailored content blogs to keep our users engaged with the content that interested each person the most.
  • 9At the same time, we built out a multi-step automated marketing funnel that onboarded new users as we identified them from our always-on acquisition program.
  • 9We constantly tested new creative and messaging, iterating on what was working to bring in new users from different interest funnels.

This upfront investment of serving users ads that targeted their specific interest niche helped keep costs low when we needed to activate them as advocates.

The Result

We bridged the gap between several different marketing platforms to ensure data was being collected and subsequently used to inform future decisions.

➔ One of the GP3 Partners also built an integrated advocacy toolkit that allowed the company employees to take control of their advocacy campaigns.

➔ To make sure we could scale to any level needed, we implemented a serverless infrastructure to give the website best-in-class load time.

This nationwide database has gone to bat for the company on various local, state and federal issues.


Database Growth

Active Users


Improved Conversion Rate