Virginia Absentee Ballot Initiative

Increasing Turnout among Low-Propensity Voters

The Challenge

When Virginia passed a law that made it easier to vote absentee, no longer requiring an excuse, Honest Elections Project (HEP)* saw an opportunity.

HEP sought to educate low propensity voters on this policy change and encourage them to secure their vote by requesting a mail-in ballot before the deadline in the 2021 election.

*HEP is a 501(3) nonprofit organization and all of its activities were compliant with that tax status.

The Strategy

Using a universe of low-propensity voters in Virginia, we targeted them with a sequenced, educational-focused three-message campaign.

  • 9A catchy + instructional introduction to this new policy to drive awareness.
  • 9A timely and relevant reminder to request their ballot to increase likelihood of voting.
  • 9A last-call deadline warning to ensure every effort was made to secure high turnout.

All of these calls to action drove them directly to the Board of Elections website where they could request their ballot.

The Result

With our clear, direct creative and spot-on targeting, we were able to turn out a substantial portion of our digital audience to request a ballot.

You can get big results by clearly navigating users through complex processes. And you don’t need hyperbolic political language to drive engagement — target the right folks and focus on the facts to drive action.

Voters with 0/4 and 1/4 vote history requested a ballot.


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