Trade Works for America

The Problem

A non-profit came to the GP3 Partners with the goal of generating national momentum on a major trade agreement that was a top priority of the President. 

Of course, legislation requires more than just the President’s signature. We needed to build momentum in Congress. That means educating and activating their constituents – and making sure that the decision makers in Washington are hearing those calls for change.

The Big Question

How do we build bipartisan legislative momentum on a specific bill across the country?

The Strategy


Research – First, we conducted extensive polling and focus groups to understand how – and where we could move the needle. That research identified key talking points and key districts where we would focus our efforts.


Media – We developed those talking points into locally relevant content based on in-depth research for every district we targeted. We created precisely calibrated television and digital adds to persuade our target audiences in 52 congressional districts.


Digital – Using that content online, we ran a massive paid media program, spending more than $5M on advertising, that drove constituents in our target districts to our advocacy hub, DriveAction. DriveAction bridges the gap between digital outreach and real-world action by making it easy for users to call or send letters directly to their legislators.


Relationship Management – We utilized our significant public affairs experience managing and advising dozens of issue advocacy initiatives across the country to generate results. We ensure that the messages we were sending directly from constituents were heard via coalition management, government affairs coordination, and grasstops activation. We planned and executed 26 events with the Vice President, governors and Trump Cabinet officials.

The Results

300,000 + contacts to congressional offices via patch-through-calls and letters sent from DriveAction.

Because of our work, our client was featured in the Wall Street Journal, NPR,, and CNBC, among others.

Million Raised


or more spent on grassroots events, activation, and voter education

And – yes – the legislation did become law in 2020.