Delta Health Alliance

Protecting Public Health through Targeted Messaging

The Challenge

In June 2021, Mississippi was the least vaccinated state in the country at just over 40%.

Case counts seemingly on the decline plus an increasing number of questions from the public about the side effects of the vaccine, left the vaccine-hesitant population unmotivated but highly vulnerable.

The Strategy

Leverage our deep + extensive experience in the state to understand audience, identify messengers, and target through smart media strategy – to educate Mississippians on why they should get vaccinated.

  • 9Understand the unique audience: GP3 Partners had local boots on the ground to ensure we understood the issue – and how to solve it.
  • 9Identify influential messengers: In such a divisive time, we instinctively knew our needed to be trusted sources within the community – like MS’s love of football and music.
  • 9Smart targeted media: Using extensive data, we identified our audiences and developed media placement strategies across traditional + digital media.

The Result

To make sure we were reaching the right people with the right message, we tailored media plans to match media consumption habits.

  • 9One segment of our audience was two times more likely to be reached via digital and streaming/connected tv ads, and the other with traditional TV, cable, and radio placements.
  • 9While traditional media channels were critical for maximizing the reach of the campaign, digital platforms allowed us to quickly move resources to the lowest vaccinated counties in a particular market.
  • 9Through paid and earned media efforts, we reached out to over 40 local publishers to ensure we were reaching Mississippians through trusted, local news outlets.

Because of our surgical approach, the increase in vaccination rates closely mirrored media investment. 


Increase in vaccination rate

Vaccine doses administered

Media spend per dose