Case Studies

National Public Safety Network

A federal agency that manages a national public safety network in partnership with a national telecommunications company

We were hired by the federal government and a telecommunications company to get states to adopt the national public safety network. We went up against a well-funded competitor with high priced advocates, included former governors and a presidential senior advisor.

Over a two-year period, we developed a narrative, mapped and engaged key decision makers, and managed and positioned to the CEO for success and trust in the states.

Despite starting with a dozen or more states who were expressly moving towards an opt-out, we were ultimately successful in securing all 50 states and 6 territories to make an affirmative opt-in decision to the nationwide public safety network.

National Nonprofit

A national nonprofit dedicated to enhancing broadband services

Working with a national nonprofit communications and advocacy team, we engaged all 50 governors to provide a quote for a national scorecard on broadband connectivity.

Through our work, we also helped to position the organization’s CEO with governors and their staff, making this nonprofit a familiar face in state capitals. We then told our client’s story by placing article in local and statewide newspapers to highlight their success.

Major Multistate Energy Company

Our client, a major multistate energy company, needed help securing support for an energy policy decision under consideration by the White House.

We activated numerous governors and state officials to echo our position to leaders in Washington, D.C.

Army of Hyper-Engaged Advocates

Build an Army of Hyper-engaged Advocates for a Fortune 25 Company

When a Fortune 25 company came to us, they wanted to build a nationwide database for the most enthusiastic fans of their brand. They knew they had plenty of fans scattered all over the country, but no central advocacy hub where they could keep them engaged and ready to take action on issues that mattered to the company.

With an audience this big, we cut it up into tiny pieces. We segmented by interest, political geography, demographics – you name it. Then we built out three separate, tailored content blogs to keep our users engaged with the content that interested each person the most. At the same time, we build out a multi-step automated marketing funnel that onboarded new users as we identified them.

We bridge the gap between several different marketing platforms to ensure data was being collected and subsequently used to inform future decisions. We also built, in-house at IMGE, an integrated advocacy toolkit that allowed Company employees to take control of their advocacy campaigns. To make sure we could scale to any level needed we implemented a serverless infrastructure to give the website best-in-class load time.

90% Database Growth

The company’s database has grown by more than 90%, and conversion rates on advocacy actions were improved by more than 80%.

We can hyper-target ads into very niche industries while keeping costs low. The upfront investment of serving your users content that targets their interests correctly will keep your costs down when it’s time to activate them as advocates.

Drugstore Chain

Our team worked with one of the nation’s largest drugstore chains to help them tell their story about fighting the addiction crisis. Recruiting governors to participate in more than a dozen highly-targeted media events, we were able to highlight our client’s opioid drug “TakeBack” initiative.

Fighting Widespread Disease

Our team helped to train state chapter volunteer leaders in more than thirty states on how to advocate for their issues most effectively in front of the governor and state legislative leaders. We also engaged more than forty governors to recognize an “awareness” month to help increase recognition and understanding of the disease.

Consumer Product Company

When our client, one of the world’s largest consumer products companies,  faced the threat of tax increases in more than a dozen states on their products, we helped to vet, hire, and advise state legislative lobbyists. Our team engaged governors and, in conjunction with our clients contract lobbyists, we helped to defeat tax increases in more than a dozen states.

Engaging Federal Decisionmakers

We secured more than 100 meetings, phone calls and conducted follow-up with White House principals and senior staff including POTUS, VPOTUS, DPC, NEC, NSC, OPL, IGA, OMB, ONDCP, Legislative Affairs, Political Affairs, and the American Office of Innovation; Cabinet secretaries and senior staff at the following agencies: Agriculture, CMS, Commerce, DHS, Energy, EPA, FDA, HHS, Interior, Labor, SBA, State, Transportation, Treasury, and USTR; Congressional officials and their staff.

Secured invitation for 15 clients to small, 20-person dinners and/or receptions at the Vice President’s residence.

Connected client with the White House Office of Public Liaison, FEMA and representatives from HHS to resolve a deliver issue of insulin and other vitals being delivered to Puerto Rico for disaster relief assistance.