Building a Better America

Exceeding Expectations + Under Budget for Rule Change

The Challenge

Building a Better America (BBA) needed to educate and activate the public on a wide-ranging regulatory update that would affect a broad swath of industries across all 50 states.

The public comment period would only be open for a few weeks, so GP3 Partners developed an agile and effective campaign to organize affected Americans to comment on the proposed rule.

The rule change was complicated, and trying to explain everything it would affect would be fruitless. But explaining just the parts that would affect a given industry was impactful.

The Strategy

Each of our target audiences had different reasons to support an updated rule.

So we ran six separate campaigns at once, each tailored to a different audience.

The Result

To make sure we were reaching the right people with the right message, we used an extra survey layer of ads to confirm that they were our target audience before we started to pitch them.

  • 9We didn't just guess if we were talking to a union household - we asked.
  • 9Once we confirmed that a user was part of our target audience for a given campaign, we ran them through a specialized content funnel and directed them to an easy to use activation page with matching creative.
  • 9Because each of these funnels spoke to the specific need of the group, all the comments submitted provided a diverse array of viewpoints that highlighted each groups’ unique take on the proposal.

Rulemakers had exactly what they needed in the comment period: a varied perspective from citizens on the rule change.

Comments Submitted

Over Our Target Goal


Cost Savings for BBA